1. What a cutie! And you are an AWESOME photographer!
    Hey, I was just thinking about you the other day and this new GF world that you are entering,
    I am not a natural cook but I found the things my kids missed the most were actually relatively easy to make.
    Like chicken nuggets.
    I just throw roughly chopped chicken breast, an egg, a handful of rice crumbs (or GF breadcrumbs ) and a couple of herbs like thyme or rosemary into a food processor and whiz the whole lot up so it looks like what we call “mince” – I think you guys call it “hamburger”?
    And then roll it into little balls and coat them with more rice crumbs then shallow fry them.
    You can make any shape of size you want and my kids just love them with tomato sauce to dip them in (I think you call it ketchup).
    An even quicker way is to just cut the chicken into strips, coat them and fry them.
    We have these at least once a week and now I know EXACTLY what goes in them 🙂

    • Hey thanks!
      Do you think that the egg yolk would be good enough to hold it all together since he can’t have the egg whites now?

      Poor guy will never get to try my Deviled Eggs….mmmmmm yummy.

  2. Ummm possibly? I really don’t know?
    Over here we can buy “egg replacer” which I know a friend uses for her son who isn’t able to have any part of the egg.
    I wonder if you can get it there?

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