New Canon Lens for me! – Longview,WA Portrait Photographer

I always get so excited when I get a new piece of photography gear, it seems like Christmas all over again. So I ordered a new lens (Canon 24-70 2.8 L ) and it arrived yesterday. I ran to the door when my hubby announced the UPS guy has arrived and my two young boys followed right behind me. As I was checking to make sure the box wasn’t damaged my son Kai was hugging the guys legs and I had to laugh. Everything looked great and I went right to my office and grabbed my camera and shutter remote and headed outside in my slippers. I plopped my camera on the back of my car and took my pic with my new lens! lol. Then I popped the new lens on my camera and took some close up shots of some weeds and flowers just to test it out. A little crazy I know but that is me. I went inside and read the manual that came with it and then got on Facebook to annouce it’s arrival to whoever would listen. lol.

So that is a glimpse into my life and how excited I can get over stuff. Enjoy the pics…many more will follow with time. 🙂

New lens
Me 10-09 a



  1. Schona, you crack me up! These pictures are hysterical. 🙂 What an awesome lens, I bet you are more than excited! Congratulations and happy shooting!

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