Misty & Mandy – Kelso Seniors – Kelso WA Photographer

Hey everyone I want you to meet Misty and Mandy!

These girls are Fraternal twins. Misty has blonde hair and Mandy has red. ๐Ÿ˜›

Misty is wanting to attend school to become a Marine Biologist while Mandy is looking forward on training to become a Flight Attendant. Oh the fun they will have in both of these careers.

We walked around downtown on the hottest day of the week. Wow I didn’t know how sunny it would be at 11am. lol. Both girls were a lot of fun and I hope they love this preview!

Feel free to leave some luv. Everyone loves blog luv.

Meet Misty!

Meet Mandy!

Sisters for life!


  1. They are beautiful and you have done a wonderful job of illustrating their differences in spite of being twins!! A celebration of their individuality. Love that last shot!

  2. Beautiful girls. You really have a way with the grunge processing. My fav of all of the images is the last shot of the two of them together. Very cool.

  3. That trolley shot is totally cool! Do you have one stashed away in your props or what???!! LOL Your senior sessions ROCK chick!

  4. I saw that last photo (didn’t read the intro) and though wait are they twins? Fraternal!!! Wow they could be identical if they dyed their hair! Amazing. Great shots by the way ๐Ÿ˜‰

  5. Sue Ann Holland

    These are so cute!! They look like mirror images of each other! Love that last one!!!

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