Longview Washington – Winter Wonderland

It finally snowed here in Longview, WA on Christmas Eve of all days.

After our family Christmas party we headed home from Castle Rock. I knew I wanted to get a few fresh snow pics of some iconic locations here in Longview. I told my hubby to drive to the Longview public library to start the photo fun. He parked along the Civic Circle as I walked to get this shot. I really wish the light pole wasn’t there but I didn’t have my 35mm lens on me so I had to back up to get his photo. If only the main floor windows were glowing…


After I photographed the Longview public library I walked back around the circle to photograph the entrance to the park with these really tall nutcrackers. We had already driven around looking at the Christmas lights a week or two before this so I only took this shot with the fresh snow. So pretty.



The sun was quickly fading so we hurried over to RA Long High school. My daughter goes here and it is just a beautiful piece of architecture in our little town. It always reminds me of the Back to the Future movies with the clock tower. Lake-Sacajawea-at-Christmas-in-the-snow

I quickly learned that my youngest son had to go potty so I quickly walked down to the bank of Lake Sacajawea to get a shot of Lions Island with the Christmas lights on display. I wish I had more time but I had to get the kids home.


As I walked back up to the car I took a moment to photograph my favorite statue in the snow. Here it is in all its glory. Sacajawea carrying her baby while helping Lewis & Clark along the way. I found it very beautiful in the white snow showing the harsh weather conditions that they traveled through in the Pacific Northwest.

I really love how the snow covers everything like a pretty and soft blanket. I do not enjoy the cold weather that has to happen for it to arrive though. I will stick with our normal few days of light snow a year and make the drive up towards Mt St Helens for some real snow that we can sled in and take more pretty pictures.

Hooray for a semi white Christmas for once!

Although most of this pretty snow was gone by morning.

Do you get a lot of snow in your area of the woods? What is your favorite part?


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