1. Jenny Jardine

    wow Schona, you are going to have your hands full for a while learning all of the various things that are in that book. I will be thinking about you and your family and hope that if you ever need a shoulder or someone to listen that you know I’ll be there!

  2. I’m so glad you’re getting the answers you need for him!! And Robert and I are here for you!! We know this road can be rough!



  3. Jody

    I’m so glad I read this because I need to check that book out also! Nate was diagnosed ADHD several months ago and I always had a feeling it may be his diet because he does seem to favor certain foods and I still have problems getting him to eat what we’re eating at dinner so I can really relate to what you’re going through. He also has digestive problems, gets the “runs” and gets in trouble when it seems he doesn’t wipe well etc…maybe that didn’t need to be mentioned but you know…it happens and it’s important to me that I get him more help…or appropriate help because we’re giving him pills to correct his behavior when it’s probably his diet that needs changed! He even breaks out in hives! It’s this weird skin rash at least once a month so I also think it’s actually an allergy to something he’s eating. Hey, well get in touch with me please because I need to be more informed! TY!

  4. If you have any questions about gluten free foods just let me know! I’ve tried out so many of them I’d be happy to share which ones are tasty or gross (a lot of them are). Many of the treats like cakes and cookies are expensive so if you’re looking for something for a special occasion I can let you know what has been a hit with us. Also I’ve gotten pretty good at finding some food in the ‘real food’ sections that are gluten free as well.

    It’s so exciting that you’ve found things to help him and you’re seeing changes so fast! Go Zeke.

    • Thanks Tesha I totally had forgotten about you and gluten. lol. I guess when it isn’t about you or your family…it kind of goes in one ear out the other….now I have tons to learn from people like you! You never told me you had a blog…now I will be your follower. 🙂

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