1. Sara Brown

    Hey there! Our little guy (age 2 1/2) is dairy-free/soy-free as well. If he gets into either he gets terrible diaper rash, a million soupy diaper changes, and one crazy personality shift. When we were still trying to figure out what was going on with him at the height of his crazies, he wouldn’t look at your face or talk to you, and just ran around breaking stuff and yelling. He is SO much calmer and more mellow now!
    Anyhow, after much trial and error (and some inedible food) we found that we like to offer him Daiya brand cheese shreds when something just NEEDS cheese. It’s the only edible kind we’ve ever found without soy or casein, and they sell it at Whole Foods. We also grab up some So Delicious coconut yogurt while we’re at it. Awesome stuff! Oh, and we like the Amy’s Veggie Pizzas without cheese too.

    • Thanks Sara! We will definately have to make a trip to Whole Foods…I think there is one in Vancouver. I will write down your suggestions thanks for stopping by!

  2. This picture is perfect. I remember Ethan’s first haircut. It was a lot like that. Now he loves to get his haircut. It grows to fast to keep up with, but he asks for it often. We still fight showers but I think that has more to do with his age. Thanks for sharing.

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