Camping Pt II – Longview WA Photographer

Here is day 2 of our camping trip. The weather was beautiful there in Leavenworth. We usually go once a year but this year we are lucky to go twice! Next time is with the kids and extended family in August.

Koa Leavenworth, WA
The Menu and the cook cookin’
Menu at koa
Our breakfast at $5.00 a plate. The bacon and eggs were good but the pancakes got tossed.
Breakfast at koa
Packed in like Sardines….we won’t be coming back to this KOA again.
Our site
We watched him make fudge it was neat. He told plenty of funny and corny jokes.
Fudge maker
The fudge was rolled into a loaf and ready to cut.
Fudge loaf
He was a great salesman as well. Adam my hubby bought 5 fudge bars. lol Guilt free.
Fudge man
Went into another shop and had fun with the hats. All of us girls ended up getting one. 🙂
We walked down to the river and waded in the water.
Decided it was time to go tubin. Lyndsay chilled in our RV as she doesn’t like the water much. So the 4 of us hit up the Winatchee at camp and down we went. It took about 45 mins to go probably less than 2 miles but it was fun and was our first time. Will do it again. I bought a disposable waterproof camera just for the ride!
Here’s Adam and I.
Chillin in the tubes
Brian and Angie
Tubin it
After tubin we went back to camp and celebrated Angies birthday with Hostess cupcakes.
We then all got dressed and headed into Winatchee for the evening. We ate dinner at a place called Leonardos and then walked around downtown. I left my camera at camp but wish I hadn’t. lol. Around 9:30 we went to Trav’s bar and sang some karaoke. With the 3 of them being early risers they left early….Adam and I stayed another hour or two and got some more songs in then went back to camp and slept. Let me tell you we were so thankful to not be tenting it…as we were in love with our A/C.

Part III coming shortly.


  1. oh I just love camping! These make me want to go! We are wanting a camper so bad…tent camping does make you now want to go as much:) Loving the birthday pic and SO wish you had some karaoke pics:)

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