Best Friends Forever! – Longview,WA Portrait Photographer

I thought I would post about a wonderful friendship I have had since 1992. Natasha as I call her though now she goes by Natalie…moved to the US from the Ukraine and became my next door neighbor in Vancouver, WA. She knew very little English but we had plenty of fun nonetheless. I tried to teach her English and she taught me some Russian/Ukrainian stuff. I now know how to speak and write the alphabet and say some phrases and can read it but not understand it all. lol. Through the years we moved around but always kept in touch. I love her like a sister and am so glad to have such a wonderful friend in my life now and forever. Thanks girl!

Here we are back in September of 1992 in our backyard.


And here we are June of 2009 with our families at the park.

Here she is with her family.
Here’s Both our hubby’s with all the kids. They have one and we have 3.

IMG_0513 Let the good times roll.


  1. That's FAB – can I just say that I feel OLDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD!!! LOL I certainly looked a tad older than you guys in 1992! What fab photos you got now though and all your beautiful kids…! LOVE the crazy BW shot of the two of you!!

  2. great images and thanks for sharing a little bit of your life with us. It's really amazing to hold onto a friend for that long!!!

  3. I love to see photos from a long time ago up against photos from now. You two are adorable! What a wonderful friendship.

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