1. Andrea Recla

    Wow, that’s GREAT Schona! You must be so proud of you little man! Sounds like the change in diet is having positive effects on his behavior…that’s Great!

  2. Hi schona, I think we have a mutual friend… Leanne Gilchrist. Anyway I saw you made a comment about gluten free food and i saw your link to your blog and now i am here! Anyway I have three boys, my 5 year old Joshua was diagnoised with Autism about 3 years ago, my second son who is 3 also has some special needs issues and our youngest son is typical. Anyway I’e been doing the gluten free casien free diet now for the past 2 1/2 years! It made a HUGE difference in Joshua’s life and certianly began the road to healing for him. I would love to chat more and if you have any questions AT ALL please feel free to e-mail or you can add me as a friend on facebook! Support is HUGE when you have special needs kids and all the extra special attention that goes into what they need! Anyway my e-mail is kristincrume@hotmail.com and of course you could find me on facebook through leanne.
    God Bless!

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